Academic Publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Gillespie, T.,  Aufderheide, P.,  Carmi, E., Gerrard, Y., Gorwa, R., Matamoros-Fernández, A., Roberts, S.T., Sinnreich, A. and Myers West, S. (2020). Expanding the debate about content moderation: scholarly research agendas for the coming policy debates. Internet Policy Review. Link

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Gerrard, Y. (2020). Social media content moderation: six opportunities for feminist intervention. Feminist Media Studies: Commentary and Criticism. PDF| Link

Gerrard, Y. (2020). What’s in a (pseudo)name?: Ethical conundrums for the principles of anonymisation in social media research. Qualitative Research. PDF | Link

McCosker, A. and Gerrard, Y. (2020). Hashtagging depression on Instagram: towards a more inclusive mental health research methodology. New Media and Society. PDF | Link

Edwards, L., Philip, F. and Gerrard, Y. (2019). Communicating feminist politics? The double-edged sword of using social media in a feminist organisation. Feminist Media Studies. PDF | Link

Gerrard, Y. (2018). Beyond the hashtag: circumventing content moderation on social media. New Media and Society. PDF | Link

Gerrard, Y. (2017). ‘It’s a secret thing’: digital disembedding through online teen drama fandoms. First Monday. Link

Hill, R., Kennedy, H. and Gerrard, Y. (2016). Visualizing junk: big data visualizations and the need for feminist data studies. Journal of Communication Inquiry. PDF | Link


Gerrard, Y. (forthcoming). Re-thinking women’s guilty pleasures in a social media age, from soap opera to teen drama series. Journal of Popular Television.

In progress

Gerrard, Y. (in progress). The Manchester Arena bombing and suspension of the fangirl stereotype. American Behavioral Scientist special issue.

Book reviews

Gerrard, Y. (in progress). Book review: Negotiating thinness online: the cultural politics of pro-anorexia, by Gemma Cobb. LSE Review of Books.

Gerrard, Y. (2019). Book review: Behind the screen: content moderation in the shadows of social media, by Sarah T. Roberts. New Media and Society. PDF | Link

Gerrard, Y. (2017). Book review: Post, mine, repeat: social media data mining becomes ordinary, by Helen Kennedy. Information, Communication and Society. PDF | Link

Gerrard, Y. (2016). Book review: Status update: celebrity, publicity, and branding in the social media age, by Alice E. Marwick. Celebrity Studies. PDF | Link


Gerrard, Y. and Bates, J. (2019). Introduction to the Data Power Special Issue: tactics, access, and shaping. Online Information Review. PDF | Link

Gerrard, Y. (2019). Convergence book reviews: reflections on the field. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. PDF | Link